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31 Tiny House Design Hacks Living Large in a Small Space | Interior Design Ideas

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Outfitting a tiny home may feel like fitting pieces into a puzzle. Learn how to design yours for ultimate space optimization without sacrificing serious style. before we begin, please check the description area first, there are listed all the original projects that exist in this video. 31 Tiny House Design Hacks Living Large in a Small Space, By Laurie March. 1. Small House, Big Potential. This mini masterpiece affords its dwellers all of the conveniences of modern design while celebrating simplicity and efficiency. 2. Hardworking Kitchen. Here’s a space that has to work hard. This small but well-planned kitchen is ready for food prep, cooking, dishwashing and most importantly, coffee-making.

3. But First, Coffee. The process of making a cup of joe is much simpler and smaller when using a French press. 4. Vintage Drawer Organizer. This vintage drawer organizer was installed over the sink to hold soaps and sponges above the countertop. The wood is sealed to protect against water damage. 5. Vertical Storage Hack. This magnetic office organizer is transformed when paired with the galvanized aluminum panels on the kitchen walls. This vertical storage hack creates a place for a tiny cutting board, cooling rack and cooking utensils. 6. Space-Saving Cookware. Apartment-sized pots and pans are hung under the kitchen shelving, where they are very visible and add pops of color. This creates efficient storage and eliminates the need for a drying rack. 7. Convenient Cups. Camping cups are hung from tiny hooks. Camping gear is often smaller to scale than the average kitchen equipment, making it perfect for a tiny home. 8. Metal Storage Tins. There’s always room for leftovers. Metal tins with tight lids keep food and snacks fresh and are great for a smaller refrigerator. 9. Cold and Compact. Bigger isn’t always better. A four cubic foot refrigerator offers an interior freezer compartment and is appropriate for the space.

10. Shower Caddy. The bathroom zone shares a sink with the kitchen. Pull open the privacy curtain to use the loo or to take a shower. The space features a caddy and a towel hook to hold everything you need. 11. Towel Off. Towels for the kitchen and bathroom are conveniently located on an adjacent shelf. 12. Vertical Message Center. Vertical storage is imperative to space planning in a tiny house. This message center is the perfect place to keep keys, mail and important papers. 13. Cozy Bench. This bench is a great place to sit and read, relax or watch TV. Best of all, the built-in baskets offer easy, accessible storage. 14. Hidden End Table. Built-in baskets double as a nightstand/end table. Simply pull it out to create a table for drinks, plates or whatever you’d like to keep nearby. 15. Corner Shelves.

In a tiny house, no space can go unnoticed. These corner shelves provide room for little luxuries, like plants or framed photos. 16. Privacy Please. This pretty geometric patterned curtain lets filtered light into the space, while providing privacy and keeping things cool. 17. Up For Grabs. A small folding table and vintage 60s folding chair are mounted onto the wall so that they’re ready for action but out of the way. 18. Hung Up. Unexpected guests are no problem! Tabs were sewn into this floor pillow so it can hang from the wall when not in use. 19. Awesome Awning.

A metal panel is turned into an awning for the kitchen window. It can be dropped down and stored for the drive if someone wants to let the sunshine in or if this tiny house hits the road. 20. Solar Lanterns. These smart lanterns collect energy during the day and shine long into the night for off-the grid mood and utility lighting. 21. Small House Movement. The small house movement started roughly a decade ago, but the economic crisis rapidly accelerated its growth as people began to re-evaluate their lifestyles, craving the simplicity that comes with scaling down. ©Tumbleweed Tiny House Company 22. Architectural Details. There may not be much room for frills on the inside, but the outside can have all of the flourishes that highlight a more traditional home, such as a gable, dormers, turned posts and railings or a decorative roof. 23. Carefully Chosen Furnishings. Those who inhabit tiny houses don’t have the luxury of expansive sofas, clusters of chairs and nests of tables, so what they do have needs to count.

24. Mobility. Tiny houses redefine the term “mobile home.” For lifelong nomads, one of the most enticing factors of these structures is their potential for portability. 25. Indoor-Outdoor Connections. Because interior square footage is so limited, outdoor spaces become an integral part of a tiny home’s living area. 26. Modular and Folding Furniture. The drop leaf on this table, which sits snug with the wall so as not to waste floor area, folds up or down depending on the homeowners’ needs. 27. Efficient Storage. Every inch is an opportunity — for example, shallow drawers tucked into these cabinet toe kicks might hold dish towels and sponges, table linens, utensils and more.

28. Petite Appliances. In their place: mini versions that don’t hog space, such as this two-burner stove stacked on top of an oven (with storage tucked behind, to boot). 29. Slimmed-Down Structural Elements. For example, this narrow staircase tucked against the wall provides access to the sleeping loft without swallowing excess space. 30. Lofts. Enter the loft, which often is used as a sleeping area — some have built-in beds that fold up during the day to make room for an office or play area, and others hold inflatable mattresses or futons. 31. Reflective Surfaces. Diamond-plate walls amplify the light streaming in from the window in this compact shower, preventing it from feeling cramped (even if it means giving up a bit of privacy). before you leave, please leave a like, comment, and share if you like this video.

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