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Adventurous Couple Build Brilliant Tiny House On Wheels

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For some, Tiny Homes are a long-term solution. For others, they are just a jumping board. We are now meeting a young couple who have built their very own Tiny House on wheels … … which is now their springboard for making bigger houses in which they can think about increasing their families. B: Hey, how are you? Holly: Hi! H: Good and self? B: Nice to meet you Holly. Holly: Like B: Good day, how’s buddy? This is a VERY impressive Tiny House Thanks A pretty big Tiny House How big is it exactly? 7m by 3m 7 times 3? Yes, we have made it a bit wider. B: Definitely! B: So you will not often transport this house on the road? No, for us it was always … the point was to move only once or twice and then leave it standing. … and yes, we just thought that the extra effort is worth the extras when you move them.

I’ve always been obsessed with Tiny Apartments and the like, and I’ve even watched one of your videos, the board (Amazing DIY Off-Grid Modern Tiny House), and Holly has seen it. And I thought: hey, what is that? This is really interesting! And then we looked at it together and .. H: and I said we should do it! Yes, we should do it. So we started to plan things. Yeah, and every time we were on the beach, we planted in the sand. Yeah, we had taken proper measurements and things like that, and we’ve plotted ground plans, different designs and plans have gone through . Really many. Everything possible Actually, we wanted to experience mainly the adventure. Yes, the adventure Na and this place looks REALLY great from the outside! Let’s see what you’ve done inside.

H: Super, come in. What a delightful home! Yes, really cool house, right? Thank you! It’s all so open and bright, is not it? Yes, it was very important for us! We have 9 windows in this small room and we always wanted to make it light and airy … and always let the sunshine in. We had seen a lot of Tiny houses in the American style and they had not adapted to our lifestyle – you know, they’re pretty great, but … … we’ve tried to go the New Zealand way to the thing – big doors To look out over the veranda. H: Yes, exactly When we built, the bright, open feeling was most important to us. I love how you have built the climbing wall here This is such a clever way to get high on the ground. Yes, cool, right? So basically we just did not know where a ladder could have been. And we did not want to block this opening. So Olli decided instead for a climbing wall. At first I did not want to …

… but now I really like it. I like these green polka dots and everything. Many people were against the climbing wall as the only way to get high. But you know, the joke of a Tiny House is that you build it for yourself, right … you do not build it for resale or anyone else – you’re building it for the people who will live in it. When we watch movies, we usually drink tea, and then we have to get the cups up, because it is hard to climb up with a cup. So yes … O: That’s okay, you get used to it. Can I try it? – Clear! Okay now the world can watch me as I try to get high here. Where I am perhaps almost already big enough .. I have a real advantage here! You can just climb up. Oh, well, that’s cool! H: Yes! This is a really cool way to get to a floor! And what a stunning place that is. I mean it’s comfortable and you have all these pillows and the great TV Yes, we wanted to have the TV up so he would not be the view of the room, you know? …

It is such a small space, if there is a TV set directly on the wall here would be … that would be too overwhelming, but we wanted to still be able to movies and TV shows, and to see so, so we have him High laid. Where I am up right now – I really like very much how you use the LED lights, really beautiful! Yes, we’ve stolen Holly’s aunt. Yes, my aunt had such a string of lights chandelier and we thought that would be a cool idea I come down and look at the kitchen very well H: cool The kitchen is super beautiful, so open and welcoming You just want to start cooking, not? Yes, that’s great! We wanted to have enough space, we usually cook together. So we needed enough space And it is still a small kitchen but it works And one thing that mattered to us because we live together was to live a normal life.

We work from 9 to 5, so we did not want to compromise. And our refrigerator now is even bigger than the last one we had. We have a normal oven and a normal sink And you know we wanted to make sure we got everything in here. We wanted to install a gas stove, even bought one, but we never managed to install it. And now we just use our camping stove. We’ve even cooked it, which is the ultimate test if you can cook the Christmas dinner. So it was just great. Well you can not see that often in Tiny Houses! A whole table! B: A real dining table! Yes, this is something you can do when you stretch something. … the little bit up to the 3 meters makes it out, right? H: Yes If we had taken only 2.4m, we could not have allowed this space luxury. .. so to have a big table. But it is also a very useful place! Yes, here we are, or work on the laptop …

We eat here also, of course, it’s just great to have the table. We did not want to have these whole changed furniture, there are some cool ideas, but because we live here together … … you do not want to have to pack your bed to cook coffee in the morning. And what else there is not else – so we wanted to have proper furniture. It feels more like a real home, is not it? Yes O: More than a camping trip We still have cool space-saving storage facilities and something … … what else you have in TinyHouses .. But as I said, we did not want too much modified furniture. And we just had the space to do things, so we made things bigger right from the start. If we do not move too much, we can do everything we want.

Very nice! Looks comfortable from this lounge. Yes, that’s cool, we took old pillows from other sofas … … and reused. There is, of course, a lot of space below, so you build such a couch yes. With this whole upholstery it would probably have been cheaper to buy a couch, but it is a Tiny House, you have to take advantage of the space. There must be space and there is really a lot of stuff. Our whole camping equipment, and backpacks and such things. And I suppose the bath is through here? Yes, there! So that’s the bathroom. H: yes Beautiful! We have managed to install a 90×90 shower, because it reaches the drawbar. There she sits on it. B: I see it. We have a small but nice washing table and a normal compost toilet. And what is behind it? This is the other part above the drawbar, we have the washing machine here. A perfectly normal washing machine.

And a wardrobe. H: Exactly We did not want to see the washing machine like in other Tiny Houses immediately. We’ve put it here so you can close the door and never see it. It’s good. And we still have to look at the bedroom on the floor. Shall we look at this? H: Yes, come up! We have built it so that we can stand upright. Next to the bed and then go to bed. I do not know if you can stand here, Bryce! This is such a fine idea! So at least I can stand here. This is ok This is great and unusual to have so much space. Where did you get that extra height? We would not have thought it possible, but some things from the kitchen are not quite as big, closet and fridge for example do not go under the blanket.

We lowered the ground at the spot and have reached the normal height above. So you steal something down and put it on the ground again. I have not seen it anywhere. It works because we are so small. We can stand here, but you’re too big for that Yes, but it’s super cozy and we love to sleep in the bed. We sleep here best. And because it’s under the roof, it’s also the warmest place. In winter, it’s totally warm in the summer, we have these windows. We can open when we both open – a nice breeze comes then.

It works very well to vent the whole house when you open this window and the other end, the whole room will be nice cool. We built the Tiny House because we wanted to live in one place with double glazing and insulation – nice and warm. We could not have done that with a house of normal size. So we took the Tiny House. So we did not save much We have completely new frames and everything and it is nice and warm. It was not about saving, it was about living in a great place. All together cost about 45,000 NZD (about 30,000 €). I agree. But there are the couch and the curtains and everything in it. So it was more expensive than a normal Tiny House but we also had enough money at the time we both work full-time and only have weekends to do it all.

So it’s all brand new, including the double glazing and it’s just the way we wanted it. A whole new trailer, which alone costs here 10.000 NZD (6700 €) It is only material costs, thus 45,000. We paid a real plumber and electrician, that’s with it. But everything else is just material costs. Our hourly wage would be … so the time we worked right, but also the time of planning and learning … you know … It takes a lot of time. But ja- 45,000. H: But it was fun. Has it. It still does. So here started building 2 years ago? And have stayed in it for 1 year. And now you sell it … How does it feel? It’s a pity, is not it? Sorry to disconnect. H: That’s right. It is nice to live in the way it is. But it’s time for us It was our jumpboard in the landmark market This is a heavy step.

You need enough reserves and everything .. So we first the Tiny House gamacht. This was also an adventure and for financial reasons. Now hopefully when we sell the Tiny House and our country, we can hopefully start well so with a normal house. To start a family. This house is so functional and with so many great, cunning peculiarities I love the climbing wall I really love what you have done, also lower the floor! This is a cunning approach to thinking in 3D. Congratulations to you! Thank you for showing me your house! – Thank you! Super nice! And good luck with the next adventure.

See you! Thanks What I love about the Tiny House of Oli and Holly is that they have managed to build a house that is exactly tuned to them. They both have an adventurous attitude and this becomes obvious in the decisions they have made for this house. Firstly, to build a Tiny House on wheels, but also the fantastic climbing wall. I think their next challenge will be to find a family home where they can move, which also suits their essence.

I wish you good luck!.

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