Living Small The Tiny House Movement. Considered one of The largest

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Which is great as long as the elements is so-so or better. It has an ideal layout with a Murphy Bed and an upstairs loft area for a bed as well. SullyBoy will be reading in his loft. The real estate read more

Architecture Firms Design Floor Plans

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There are a number of reasons to employ a professional architect. For people that will be using building a custom home, the floor programs that are drafted by architectural companies offer the flexibility read more

How To Build A Shed – Part 2 Floor Framing

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Welcome to this shed floor framing video. Here you will learn about the steps to framing a shed floor! This video shows you the necessary steps for shed floor framing from laying out the rim joists read more

GoPro: Tiny Home Adventure with Mike Basich

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Four months ago My name is Mike Basich and I am here to build a mini house on a trailer. It has inspired me that people build anywhere in the world any tiny houses on trailers. So I ended up here. We read more

People Try Living In A Tiny House

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– I’m B.A. Norrgard and we are in my tiny house in California. So today we’re going to have three different groups of people, two couples, and a single gentleman come in and spend read more

Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

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Sophisticated Japanese architecture attracts worldwide attention. What happens when the Japanese traditional architecture and Tiny House Movement meet? Today, I am looking for the answer in Kumano City, read more

Modern Tiny House with Hidden Bathroom & Space Saving Furniture – Full Tour

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Hello everyone here Mathieu de Exploring Alternatives we will visit a very functional and innovative mini home. The builders found several effective ways to save space they even built a bathroom that read more

Hobbit Hole Playhouse Part 4 of 5: Siding and the round front door

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Okay so it’s the fourth of July and today is the day that I’m working on putting the siding on the front of the hobbit hole playhouse. This is the cedar siding. It’s gonna be so pretty. read more

Tiny Studio Apartment – Sleeping Loft and Moving Staircase (Zoku)

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Welcome guys we are here in Amsterdam with Hans and he is presenting this Zoku space to us. Zoku is a hybrid between a place to live and to work, and for that we developed the Zoku loft. The Zoku loft read more

Turning Junk into Stunning Treehouses

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LAURA LING: You build these really cool, unique structures of these tree houses and these campers. And they’re smaller dwellings. JAY NELSON: Yeah. LAURA LING: Is there something about the simplicity read more