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Breathtakingly Beautiful Japanese Tiny House on Wheels

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Sophisticated Japanese architecture attracts worldwide attention. What happens when the Japanese traditional architecture and Tiny House Movement meet? Today, I am looking for the answer in Kumano City, Mie Prefecture. Rumi, Hello. Mr. Blythe, Hello. Welcome to our Tiny House! Mr. Katrina, how are you? It is original Yi. Mr. Blythe, Hello. I think that this Tiny House is probably the smallest tiny house in the Tiny House I saw before, but it is very Japanese. I agree. What is the material of this Tiny House? The tree used for this outer wall is very beautiful. Because it is not made by myself, it is a bargain but it is a cedar tree of Japan (Oita Prefecture). It is wonderful. It is said that Mr. Tanaka of the producer is using a tree which has dried naturally over time. The material used for this roof is also interesting. Usually, I can not touch the top of the roof like this, (laugh) Why is this made of anything? This is also a story I heard from Mr. Tagami, but it seems to be a material used for the roof of a truck truck. So it is excellent in water resistance and durable. I saw the roof using such a material for the first time, it makes sense very much. It is clever use. The roof is divided into two levels. Does this collapse when moving? I agree. It is amazing. But since Mr. Blythe is coming today, even if it is tall, I keep the roof high, as if I can build it in my house. (Laugh) I prepared specially for you. (Lol) Thank you so much! (Laugh) It is unusual. Is this a chimney? That’s right. This is a fireplace specially designed and made by Mr. Tagami. When you climb the roof and open the chimney lid, you can use a fireplace in the Tiny House. Also, this house tire is only attached one by one to the left and right. Usually this kind of single axle trailer is rare, How much is the weight of this house? I think that you will find it when you come here for a moment but, of course Japanese, there is a display with the maximum weight of 500 kilograms here. If we add the additional weight of what we use in it we will weigh 600 kg. That is very light, is not it? Is this blue container for drainage? I agree. This hose is connected to the sink in the kitchen inside. That means that you can use water inside, is not it? That’s right. Under this bench is a 20-liter aquarium built in. Open this cork and supply water from here. Also, this big window is nice too. It is wonderful. This shelf is also intentionally designed so that the inside and outside spaces are united. No matter where you really look, the inside and outside spaces are matched, creating a very dynamic and nice form. Very beautiful. Is this the built-in storage place? That’s right. If you open this way in this way, it becomes a table, and it is thought well. You can eat and put things here. It is useful when cooking outside. This is also all Mr. Tagami’s original design, in this way the key is to keep the door from opening out. By the way how much is this house size? I do not remember well. Anyway, this house is perfect for a normal parking space, so roughly speaking it’s about the same size as a regular car. That means that this house is very portable and easy to move. I agree. Have you heard that you are living and working while traveling at this house? As you said, I am working and doing my life while traveling at this house. This house is pulled with a light van. “I am often asked if I can pull the trailer house with such a small car, but it can truly be towed.The trend of New Zealand and the American Tiny House in which I live, It is said that the tiny house grows bigger and heavier, but it is impossible to easily move the house to such a place in such a big house, but if this is the case it can really move to various places I will. Mr. Tanaka of the builder is very lucky to be able to live in such a tiny house by making this tiny house with the concept of making a portable tiny house that can move freely and just to live there I think. I am looking forward to seeing inside, can I have you show me it? of course! Please enter. This is a “Japanese house” even if it is small, so please take off your shoes. (Lol) It’s amazing. This is a magical space! Besides, I can not believe it, but even if I am straight, my head will not fit on the ceiling! How tall are you? It is 193 centimeters. It is 193 centimeters. In such a small house, I usually can not keep it straight like this. I agree. In normal caravans, my head always comes on the ceiling. And I can see all 360 degrees from here! Awesome ~ Natural materials are used here and there and it is wonderful. Mr. Tanoue said that this was an organic architecture. When you are really here you can relax. Mr. Tagami makes use of natural materials as much as possible without using artificial building materials. It is simple, but it is very elegant making. And storage location is built around here and there. It is made so that things can not be seen from the outside. If you live here, you will have a habit of cleaning up what you use before you start the next thing. Otherwise, things will overflow in this little space, and it will become irritated immediately. It means that every single thing has its whereabouts. That shelf in that kitchen, as you said when you were talking outside for a while, it is just the element that connects the outside. I have never seen such a design before. That shelf connects the inside space with the outside. It seems to have been casually made, but with that shelf, it makes me feel like I am outside while I am inside, and it seems to feel a sense of unity when peeking inside from inside. This corner is the kitchen space, is not it? I agree. How to use space is wonderful. Craftsmen’s techniques are living here and there. There are two gas stoves here. I just arrived here, so I have not put anything on the shelf, but like a shelf here, I use bowls and cups that I use everyday. Is there a refrigerator? Yes, we have it. The refrigerator is hiding. It is supposed to pull out like this. And this is also Mr. Tagami’s idea, but it is an eyesore that the refrigerator is in the space of this beautiful tree, so I closed the sliding doors and made blindfolds possible. This is the table. I agree. This is the basic setting. And, this makes it easy to remove from the window frame. Did you ever lift the table that seems to be lightly heavy anyway? Even if I look like this, it is powerful (laugh) but it is a joke, but you can see it when you see the back, but the back is crooked and cotton is clogged inside. It is lighter in a very unique way. And in the evening, we will become a part of the floor by bedding this table in the middle of the bench. Sounds good. Well, this table will be a workspace for two people during the day and it will be a space to eat. What do you do when the number of people increases? I also think about it properly. There is a board under this bench, and hand it over to make it a chair. Awesome ~ When using it as a dining table, here one person, here two people, six people in all can be a space to sit. I agree. You can also have a dinner party. Because the storage place is decided, Is not it possible to keep all things not used? I think that it is the most functionally made in the space that I have lived up to now. Well, in this room, there are benches and storage places on both sides, the table becomes a place to work and eat, when the customers come, it becomes a dining table where about six people can sit, and in the evening it will be on the bed It will become also. That’s how you use a typical Japanese room. As a Japanese, the way of living where one room fulfills a number of functions is very natural and I like it. Is this a fireplace? Yes, it is. Would you like to see it? I did not imagine that there was a fireplace in this small space. This is a miniature version of a fireplace like a big house. The fire of the fireplace is very beautiful. Mr. Tanabe made a special rug for the fireplace. Because it is a house made of wood, it is for when the spark scattered. I am using tanned leather. What he makes is unified in Tanami style that it uses functional things, blends into place, natural things alone. Before I started living in Tiny House, I was worried whether two people could share a small space and live comfortably. However, thanks to such built-in storage space, I live comfortably in a space more than I expected. In fact, cleaning the house takes less time and you can spend hours enjoying living. When two women live in Tiny House, what do you do with the space of clothes? There is a closet (laugh) Where is it hiding? The closet is here. Toilet bowls and so on are stored in a bag in this way. I put my clothes and store it. There are enough space for two people. This is a battery monitor. Where is the battery equipment etc? It is under the bench where I am sitting. Is it underneath? Cotton is similarly crowded here as well. The inside is hollowed like a table. It’s built in the space under the bench, all of the battery, inverter, electric wiring. Because the electrical appliances are quiet, I can hardly be bothered. It is quiet as long as I can not beat it if I do not know that I am here. How is storage such as bedding done? It is under this. I use a sleeping bag in winter. We store sleeping bags and pillows here, and the mattresses are stored in the car. Why did you decide to live in Tiny House? Now this year, I want to become easy and casually for various reasons, and now I do not want to be bound by one place. Tiny House is becoming popular in various countries, but various legal problems have also come to surface, but what kind of legal restrictions are there in Japan? It is an important issue. In Japan, the tiny house movement has not yet started since time has started and I think that legal regulations are not established so much. We are also looking at movements both inside and outside of Japan. But I think there are various developments from now on. However, for example, it is a place to be parked in Tiny House, but is it difficult to find parking spaces? As there are in other countries, there are also campgrounds in Japan, so it is sometimes stopped in a scenic place. Also, in Japan there is a “Road Station” along the main road, with a wide parking lot and toilet, plus a place to buy local foods and souvenirs, and beautiful facilities such as restaurants. When traveling and traveling and getting tired a few hours, I will stop Tiny House at “Road Station” and go on a break. This Tiny House does not have a shower or toilet, but how are you dealing with that point? Japan is an island country where volcanic activity is active like a reed. So, no matter where you go, there are so many hot springs that you can call it, so you do not have to worry about that point. And no matter how small a city there is still a public bath so there is no problem. Most people say that Tiny House wants a shower, but we thought that we do not need it. Absolute hot springs are better than shower. The toilet has a simple toilet. I put it in this space at night and use it in a car. After use, “Bring back to earth” Bio-Degrey double bag and powder are attached. There are also many public restrooms. I agree. There is always a toilet at convenience stores along the road and the stations of the story that I talked about earlier, so I do not use a simple toilet than I thought. I think that this Tiny House is probably the smallest tiny house among the tiny houses that I have ever seen, but it is unexpected that two people live in this small space, but the actual Where am I? I’m living with a limited variety of wisdom (lol) It may seem that it may be very narrow and space, but in fact it is not always sitting side by side like this. The inside is very spacious and you can move around quite freely. When I first started living, I was surprised because there is more space than I thought. I live while securing my own work place. As Rumi draws a picture, I do books, work on computers with two people, I do other things while Rumi is cooking, when I see it from outside, Although it can be seen, inside is quite spacious. How much money did you use when building this Tiny House? As an approximation, I think that it is about 30,000 dollars as the US dollar. I can live in the house where craftsmen put in with spirit carefully. I am in Japan far from New Zealand, but when I came in this house, I felt a return to my house. Today, thank you very much for showing me the two Tiny houses. I thank you. Likewise. Thank you very much for coming far away. This Tiny House incorporating the philosophy and influence of Japanese architectural design here and there, is creating a space that is easy to live and multifunctional but lean. For me this Tiny House is going to be an unforgettable presence. .

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