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Building A Playhouse

Hobbit Hole Playhouse Part 4 of 5: Siding and the round front door

Okay so it?s the fourth of July and today is the day that I?m working on putting the siding on the front of the hobbit hole playhouse. This is the cedar siding. It?s gonna be so pretty. read more

Turning Junk into Stunning Treehouses

LAURA LING: You build these really cool, unique structures of these tree houses and these campers. And they?re smaller dwellings. JAY NELSON: Yeah. LAURA LING: Is there something about the simplicity read more

Inside The Luxury $200,000 Treehouse: MAKING MAD

GUY MALLINSON: I?ve always wanted to build a treehouse from a young age. I have finally done it. GUY MALLINSON: This is the Woodsman’s Treehouse. It’s approached through a rope bridge. GUY read more

Cardboard Playhouse | Design Squad

Hey, I?m Nate from Design Squad. This is my son Calvin. Calvin?s 16 months old, and he loves to play and climb on things. I think he would really enjoy having a play structure right read more

Would You Live in a Treehouse?

25 years I?ve been working on building treehouses. When I first built my first treehouse, they wouldn?t allow me to apply for a permit because they hadn?t known of anybody that read more