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The Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) aboard NASAu0027s Aura satellite had eyes for ash as well as something thatu0027s invisible to the human eye: the transparent ...There are countless weblogs dedicated to tiny houses, and Television shows like Tiny House Nation; Tiny House Hunters; and Tiny House, Big Living have huge viewers. A tiny house has many applications- read more

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A gated community can be even better. Investigating the difference between the 2, I used to be happy to learn that I am living in a “small house” and technically, I am participating read more

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Kasl Family Tiny House

For unkown reasons though, I didn’t take any kind of pictures of her home back again on the event so here are lots to make up for it! We’re looking for guest bloggers who are as enthusiastic read more

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Day-to-day, Small House residents must participate within the life of the house in order to whatever extent they are able � helping with housekeeping, working inside the garden, making decisions read more