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Going small Part 4: Making room for privacy

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More and more people are choosing to scale down on square meters. And that got us thinking: what would it take for a family of four to live comfortably in a 30 square meter home? When you’re a family of four living in 30 square meters, privacy become super important. So come on in and we’ll show you how we created privacy for this family. It might not look like it, but this space is actually a three bedroom space. One of the ways we did it was by using our kitchen cabinets and building a wooden frame around them to create cubbies for the kids. So you open this up and it’s their own little world. She can come up here and just be alone and have some time to herself. She’s got space for her private things, space to display the things that she likes and generally just space to spend some time alone. She’s even got space for her own clothes here, hanging space and her jewelry, and all the things that she likes that she wants to keep private and just to herself she can keep here.

Even her own off-season stuff in the very back. Here we’ve created space for all of her folded clothes. So all of the things that are just hers she has plenty of space for. Now the parents also need their own private storage space, and here you have it. In this little wardrobe we’ve managed to get all of their clothes, with help of things like pull-out hangers and storage boxes for storing shoes and folded clothes.

All of their small stuff we’ve organised in this nice little storage pocket system, so it becomes super easy to organise and easy to see what’s what. In a small space like this it doesn’t really work to have doors that open out. So you really want to think about sliding doors or even as we’ve done a curtain. A bonus is that it even works with the wardrobe lighting. The bathroom is where we have a lot of personal items. So to help this family know whose is whose, we’ve colour coordinated the different boxes. So each family member has their own and it’s even colour coordinated to the towel that’s theirs, so that they know exactly what’s what. So you might be wondering where do the parents sleep in this space. Follow me and I’ll show you. These are the steps up to their bedroom along the way they’ve stored things like tools and medicine that they don’t want the kids to have access to all the time.

Here’s where they sleep. It’s a super cosy place that’s just for them with all the things they need. They’ve got their private things in these baskets that just pull out easily there. And this is where they can come and just get away for a while, a cosy little spot that’s just for them..

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