GoPro: Tiny Home Adventure with Mike Basich – Small House DIY

GoPro: Tiny Home Adventure with Mike Basich

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Four months ago My name is Mike Basich and I am here to build a mini house on a trailer. It has inspired me that people build anywhere in the world any tiny houses on trailers. So I ended up here. We will therefore go to Alaska. For that, I build it. So I can go traveling comfortably and in a different way than before. Here we will do a little wider the trailer. For that we bring to the side just a few steel beams. The nice thing about this project is that you can make your own rules. But that’s just the freedom that you have when you build a house on a trailer. We have welded this job here. We have new material. We have plywood for the floor. We have wood for the walls. We provide the framework on for our first wall. We have vacated it completely empty, ventilated, have the stove. Cooker. I just installed the sink. Hotplate, bam! We do it like this! That’s it! This is my home in the mini house.

We have our stove, kitchen, the oven is amazing. This really is one of the most beautiful flock that you can take for this type of dwelling. Water boiler, runs with two double-D batteries. The tour of the mini house does not last very long, because it is so small, however: this is the mini house. We are ready all packed, ready to go. Finally on the way! I started in California and then moved up to BC. Then I took the Alaska Highway, when the weather was good enough. The crossing by ferry was quite a unique adventure. You see the house and all thought “Oh, that does not fit” because it looks pretty huge, and it really was just below the ceiling. We are almost in Alaska, may have to continue for one day. And that is our view today. We have the base camp frankly found accidentally. We have not thought much and suddenly we were on the river bank, with incredible views.

Today we have a day of rest, we simply clamp times, wait for the helicopter and just hang around a bit, relax and stuff. You always wake up with the sunrise, looks like the day looks like this. Waiting for the first rays of sunshine. I usually use mini house directly to the heliport. Where the best snow is, all your snow-friends appear. Heating at each other for the next day in the snow. Okay, in 30 seconds, I’m ready. If one has his home here, you can get homesick. It’s that simple – really !.

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