Hobbit Hole Playhouse Part 4 of 5: Siding and the round front door

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Okay so it’s the fourth of July and today is the day that I’m working on putting the siding on the front of the hobbit hole playhouse. This is the cedar siding. It’s gonna be so pretty. The tricky part, though, is cutting the siding to fit around the door hole. Which isn’t exactly in the center, and it’s not exactly a perfect circle. So in order ot make the siding fit it was important ot make a template to use the cut the siding into the right shape. By laying the siding down we could lay the door on top of it and scribe it. I applied a clear varathane finish to the pieces of the siding to bring out the natural color of the cedar. and while those are drying I started working on other parts of the hobbit hole playhouse.

I marked all the pieces when I was cutting them so that I would remember how to put them back together again. The tricky part is making sure when I put the pieces up to keep them just right so that the door will fit in the doorway. I got the siding up and the door installed, and I think I’m gonna call it a day..

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