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Is that this Is this “Tiny House” Thing Anyway,

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5 tiny house designs perfect for couples - CurbedA reaction to the ever-increasing population of the world, the laneway house is a good approach to cope with the population density while nevertheless allowing citizens the feelings of permanence read more

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Historic Preservation Board Cites Impact Of “tiny House” Movement

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Tiny House, Big Living - HGTVThe pattern, known as the Small House Movement, describes the switch from traditional houses to smaller, minimalist homes usually under 400 square feet. Leaving behind her two-story Colonial home read more

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Case Studies In Small Home Living

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What are Tiny Houses, Is Small Home Living Right For You,Maintenance expenses might be reduced with small homes, in accordance with Stearns. With less to scrub and keep, people in small homes might enjoy more free time to go after hobbies and activities read more

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In Arizona, A couple Turns A Small House Into Their Dream House

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What are your ideas on the tiny house movement, On October 9, 2014 When Brian Levy set himself out to style a tiny house he wanted to generate something that was comfortable long-term, environmentally read more

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