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Pallet Garden Playhouse

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Hello I’m Autumn, an organic gardener and mother. Today I’d like to share with you some tips about how to transform a pallet into a garden for a small space which you can even turn into a place house. To make our pallet garden we will need weed fabric, staple gun, six-packs of plants and organic potting soil. To turn this into a playhouse we will use five seven foot bamboo poles, a tension strap, as well as some nails or screws, hammer or screw gun, and then plenty of things to decorate, such as burlap, curtains, ribbon, twine trellising seeds, you name it. I’ve selected a pallet and the first step is to stretch weed cloth or landscape fabric over the back to contain the potting soil.

Lay the weed fabric over the pallet and then fold it back so that it won’t unravel, and simply staple it in. So you’re going to staple around the three sides leaving the top open so that plants can grow out of the top. Now if you’re looking for a pallet just check smaller retailers in your area that don’t have a pallet recycling program already in place, there often happy to get rid of them. Once youve stapled the weed fabric to both sides, the bottom and leaving a gap open for the top find the cross bar on the back and staple the weed fabric onto it. We are ready to plant in our pallet now. The first place we will plant is across the top. You’re going to want to cram the plants in as tightly as possible so that you create a solid seal and no soil can escape. Sometimes it feels really tight but that’s what you need. Now that the top is sealed up we’re going to fill the pallet with potting soil, and then then sweep it into the cracks with a broom. Now we get to plant the face of the pallet.

For every hole you can plant about one six-pack. Dig a slight trench with your hand and then plant your beautiful flowers and allisum is great for attracting beneficial insects and strawberries are a lot of fun especially if you have kids. Once you’ve planted your pallet garden you should let it lay horizontally for a few weeks while the plants root in. But do as I say and not as I do because I can never wait that long. To make a pallet playhouse you need to find a seven foot by four foot space that’s level. I need to level this out a little bit before we build. The first step is to decide what kind of floor you want for your playhouse.

If you could find a pallet with boards really close together like this almost like a deck, that’s a great choice. Otherwise lay down some weed fabric and cover it with sand or wood chips. I’m just going to lay down my floor piece here, for the other half I’m going to lay down the weed fabric to contain the sand I intend to lay down here. I’m going to quickly staple the weed fabric into the pallet so no sand gets lost under the pallet, and use a ground staple to make sure that none of the kids trip on the weed fabric coming in and out of the playhouse. I’ve designed this play house to use as few tools as possible. So we are going to pressure fit a seven-foot bamboo pole between two pallets. I’m going to screw this in leaving a solid inch, inch and a half you can also use a nail. The opposing wall will be my pallet garden, so I’m going to stand this up and put two screws in the back now that you have two pallet walls each with two screws one in either corner, you’ll take a seven foot piece of bamboo and suspended it, sliding it carefully over the screws on either wall.

You’re going to suspend another seven foot bamboo pole between the screws in the front. I’ve decided to thread a curtain on before attaching it. I’ve just wrapped the playhouse with these ratchet tensions straps, I’m going to ratchet it down a few more times to make sure that our walls stay tight together on either side of the bamboo. To make the roof I’m going to use two vertical seven foot bamboo poles and one horizontal seven foot bamboo pole. I’m going to stick two ground staples right into the bamboo. I’m going to put my vertical pole all the way down this pallet. Depending on whether you have soil on both walls or not you may need to secure one of your vertical roof poles just check all of your connections make sure that nothing’s going to move and fall on the kids. Then slide my horizontial bamboo just into the top and repeat of the other side completing the crossbar for your roof. So it’s time to put the roof on. You can use a sheet, shade fabric or I’ve decided on burlap.

You may need a tall friend to help. I’m going to connect each corner of the roof to the pallet with a nail or screw. I hope your little one will enjoy his or her playhouse. I tried to use as few tools today as possible. With a little more elbow grease you can do a lot more with pallets. So enjoy the playhouse and grow organic for life!

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