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Join Tiny House Movement With East Dallas Cottage

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They’re selecting to live in houses with no greater than 500 square feet of room – less than one-quarter the size of the common new house. Since about 26% of an average household’s budget read more

Would You Go Tiny To Live Here,


His Tumbleweed Tiny House company sells small ready-made houses as well as plans for somewhat larger ones. I took around 600 pictures throughout the week along with nearly filling a type of 3″x5� read more

The 5 Best Documentaries On Tiny Living

17 Best images about Small SpacesThe tiny home movement is a social movement that will advocates for big living in little houses; typically less than 400 rectangular feet. Simply put, it’s an interpersonal movement where read more

You’ll be able to Build This Tiny House From A Kit

The Durango Tiny House on Wheels is a Minimalist Traveler ...I’m really trying to find the true value of a house which i don’t think homes need to cost any where near what they do. Still I don’t like neighbors quite definitely so something read more